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Romas Tauras

Formerly an investment banker, Romas Tauras is a painter living in Portugal. He began oil painting at the age of 46, exploring ideas relating to identity and inheritance, principally through portraiture. He’s mesmerised by the play of light on surfaces and the materiality of painting, the alchemy of pigments, mediums and surfaces. ‘Interaction of Color’, the reference volume by Josef Albers, is a cornerstone of his reference library. and Recent exhibits include 'Art’In Lima’ at Museo dos Terceiros, Ponte de Lima 2023, 2022, 2021; ‘Maracujalía’ at Museo Soares dos Reis, Porto 2023; ‘Muso’ at Museo Amadeo Souza Cardoso, Amarante; ‘Manifesto’ at Galeria Municipal Lousada 2022; Gaia International Biennial of Art in Vila Nova de Gaia 2021, Moita Biennial of Small Format Painting 2021; Almada Drawing Biennial 2020; ‘Amalia Centenary’ at Galeria Antonio Prates, Lisbon 2020. Romas Tauras also also writes about art for Appel Art Journal, and is art and architecture editor for Five Books.

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