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Artistic Consulting

Our Consultancy service is available for Artists, Institutions, Academies, Collectors, Curators, or Private Companies.

Provided by Leonel da Costa, it stems from the understanding that artists lack a tailored Consultancy Service. When it comes to a better understanding of the chemistry of materials and technical details to create an artwork that will withstand the test of time, this knowledge should come from a certified source.

The final result of a painting is more connected to how it was constructed than we tend to perceive. It begins with the surface preparation and extends to the application of varnishes.

With us, artists can learn and develop a work plan to better achieve the desired final effects.

Academies, Institutions, Collectors, Curators, and Private Companies can find support and monthly subscriptions for their members or students in our service, as well as the guarantee of specialized work in the maintenance, conservation, repair, or investigation of paintings in their collections.

This service can be provided online or on-site according to needs. Book by the hour or find a fee plan that suits you.

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