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Oil Paint


Premium Oil Grade means high end quality on both our paints and your final work. From the base pigment personal selection, to the hand made mixtures, every process is detailed, and cared for with respect and attention, in order to create the unique paints of DARTECOR.

Premium Oil paints are extremely durable, with ideal durability in its quality of color retention. Our very high pigment content offers a vibrant intensity of color, with natural creaminess and shine, for the best workability and lightfastness.


    Handmade Premium Grade

    Each pigment is absolutely unique, and so is each mono-pigment handmade paint.

    Our paints are structured and tested to bring the singularity of each pigment above, and so every color has its own intrinsic texture.

    To change and personalize the texture of your paint according to your desire, DARTECOR has a simple range of Mediums to cover all of your specific needs.

    Mono Pigment

    All of our Oil Paints are Mono Pigment. This way we ensure a strong and pure color with better results when mixed, mantaining a more saturated mix and avoiding muddy colors.

    More power. Less mess.


    Producing artisanal paints with high pigmentation allows the creation of long paint textures, which are increasingly scarce in the market. This type of paint enhances your painting even more, with the creation of unique textures and brushstrokes.Only then will you be able to achieve results like those of the great masters of painting.

    Lightfastness And Color Retention

    Every pigment selected and used by DARTECOR to produce its paints are of high permanency​ and graded Excellent according to the ASTM.

    This is one of severa characteristics to grade our paints as PREMIUM. This attention to the selected raw materials ensures a greater longevity of the Artists' work.


    Color Chart

    ​ DARTECOR has 28 monopigment colors available in 37ml tubes. Titanium white is also available in 60ml. 
    The palette selection is based on the necessary pigments to achive the widest range of colors and tones avoiding the messy colors that generate muddy and grey tones on simple color mixtures. We use both natural and artificial high end quality pigments.

    View and download our catalogs here

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