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Conservation and Restoration

The origins of Dartecor stem from conservation and restoration, and as such, we couldn't refrain from continuing to provide this service, as caring for heritage has always been at the core of our values.

We intervene in various types of pieces: wooden sculptures, easel and panel paintings, gilded woodwork, furniture, graphic documents, among others...

If you have any doubts about the conservation status of your piece and would like to receive an evaluation or a quote, please send us photos from all sides and details of any degradation, along with the measurements of the piece and any details you consider important.

Send them to the following email:


Easel and Panel Painting

The restoration of easel and panel paintings is a specialized practice that aims to preserve, conserve and, when necessary, restore pictorial works of art.

Wooden Sculptures

The restoration of polychrome wood sculptures involves specific techniques to preserve, conserve and, when necessary, restore three-dimensional works of art.

Gilded Woodwork

Gilded carving restoration refers to the process of preserving, conserving and, when necessary, restoring structures carved from wood and adorned with gold or silver leafing. Gilded carvings are often found on church altars, altarpieces, antique furniture and decorative architectural elements.


Ceramic restoration involves the preservation and repair of damaged ceramic objects, which may include decorative items, historical artifacts, sculptures, architectural ceramics, among others.