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Dartecor Services 


As we are focused on empower the painting of our artists, we offer workshops that help them better understand the painting process and achieve the desired results.

These are short-term workshops and the essential concepts, demonstrations and recommendations for use within each theme will be transmitted.

These workshops are aimed at all painting lovers. He wants anyone who wants to start painting even the most experienced painter.

Workshops will be launched periodically.

  • Tintas, pigmentos e aglutinantes
    Tintas, pigmentos e aglutinantes
    Sun, 19 Nov
    19 Nov, 14:00 – 18:00
    Porto, R. de Alexandre Herculano 203, 4000-053 Porto, Portugal
    Tinta é tinta, qualquer uma serve?! A resposta é um pouco mais que isso. Entender a construção de uma tinta irá facilitar a perceção do seu funcionamento e assim identificar as diferentes tipologias de tintas, perceber a sua origem para identificar o comportamento e respetiva aplicação e manipulação

Artistic Consulting

Our Consulting Service is available for Artists, Institutions, Academies, Collectors, Curators or Private Companies.

Provided by Leonel da Costa, it started by the understanding that
Artists do not have a Consulting Service tailored for them.
When it comes to the better understanding of materials chemistry, and technical details to create art work that will stand the test of time, that knowledge must come from a certified source.

A painting final result is more connected to the way it was constructed then we tend to realize. It starts with the surface preparation and it goes all the way to the appliance of varnishes. 

Together with us, Artists can learn and trace a work plan to better achieve the desired final effects.

Academies, Institutions, Collectors, Curators and Private Companies can find in our service support and tuition to their members or students as well as the warranty of a specialized work in maintaining, preserving, repairing or investigating painting from the collections.

This service can be provided online or on site according to needs.
Book by the hour, or find a fee plan that suites you. 

Conservation & Restauration

Dartecor's origins come from conservation and restoration, as such, we could not fail to continue to provide this service, as taking care of heritage has always been in our genesis.

We intervene in various types of pieces: wood sculpture, easel and board painting, gilded carving, furniture, graphic documents, among others...

Do you have questions about the state of conservation of your piece and would you like to receive an appraisal or a quote?
Send us photos of all sides and degraded details, along with the measurements of the piece and any details you think are important.

To the following email:


Stretched canvas & Varnishing


Dartecor provides the service of stretched canvas with high-performance, museum-quality stretcherbars .
The structure is produced in aluminum which makes the painting lighter, extendable and free from any warping.
Would you like to obtain this service or supply of stretcherbars?
Send us an email with the quantities and measurements you need to


Varnishing is one of the biggest headaches for any artist. From shine control to even application. In some cases, logistical conditions are necessary that not all painters have in their studios.

If it is a service that you feel will enhance your painting, but you cannot afford it or you still have some fears, send us an email to with the number of pieces you need to varnish and their dimensions.

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