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Leonel da Costa is the founder and artesian behind Dartecor.
His education and expertise are in Conservation and Restoration, which enables him to dig deep on a multidisciplinary set of skills and the ability to critically analyze materials, their behaviors and compatibilities.

"My passion for art and the transformation of materials was the catalyst which inspired me to start developing and producing handmade oil paints based on the techniques, historical recipes and materials of old masters.
My continued scholarship on the evolution of artistic painting mediums, coupled with my work in the field of restoration gave me first-hand experience with the lack of professional oil paints available to artists today.
Thus, DARTECOR was born."
With the focus on artisanal production, we understand that Premium oils paints must be extremely durable with archival quality

color retention. Our high pigment content offer a vibrant intensity of color, with a creaminess, shine and workability our clients have adored.

Working with artists, has allowed us to better understand their needs. It has made us realize that it was necessary to pass along more knowledge of the fundamental materials involved in painting. Therefore we offer several workshops, where we aid artists interested in learning more about the alchemy of the painting process and further their professional development.


"It is my mission with DARTECOR to enhance contemporary artistic creation."


My vision is to provide tools for painters to be their best and enable them to paint confidently with DARTECOR’s handmade oil paints.


The value of DARTECOR’s high quality oil paint, made with only the best raw materials, combined with a personalized recommendation of the best practices, ensures that your painting is nothing short of a Masterpiece.


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