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Oil Bar


This bars are a mix of your favorite oil paints and wax, specially prepared to give you unlimited power. This oil bars can be used directly to draw, and you can even mix them while drawing too.

Add a little Medium at any moment of the process and you are ready to paint!

Like Impastos? Well, forget the Medium then, just work your paint around with a brush, or palette knife, oil bars, your fingers creative!


    Handmade Premium Grade

    Premium Oil Grade means high end quality on both our paints and you final work.

    From the base pigment personal selection, to the hand cared mixtures, every process is detailed, attended for with respect and attention, to create the unique paints the are DARTECOR.

    Premium Oil paint must be extremely durable, with archival quality color retention. Our very high pigment content offers a vibrant intensity of color, with natural creaminess and shine, for the best workability and lightfastness.

    Different Sizes

    We produce our Oil Bars in two sizes.The Classic 30ml designed for details or smaller works, allows for a greater control on your drawing.

    The XL 115ml is to draw bigger giving a greater freedom and aimed at pure expression!


    To Draw. To mix. To Paint.Use your Oil Bars to both draw and paint. You can draw directly with your O'Bars and make your color mixing on the surface, or you can mix your O'Bars on the palette and apply the mixture with a brush.

    By adding a little Linseed Oil or Universal Medium you transform the impasto texture of your Oil Bar into a paint texture.

    So the possibilitys are endless. How do you use your Oil Bars?

    Lightfastness And Color Retention

    Every pigment selected and used by DARTECOR to produce its paints are of high permanency​ and graded Excellent according to the ASTM.

    This is one of severa characteristics to grade our paints as PREMIUM. This attention to the selected raw materials ensures a greater longevity of the Artists' work.


    Color Chart Classic

    DARTECOR has 24  colors available in the O'Bar CLASSIC 30ml Catalog. 

    This color palette is composed to give you a lot of freedom on directly applying your marks and gestures on your surfaces. Mantaining the size for a more detailed work when needed. 


    View and download our catalogs here


    Color Chart XL

    DARTECOR has 10  colors available in the O'Bar XL 115ml Catalog. The color palette for the XL O'Bars is based on your more primary needs in terms of big color spots and expressionist workability.


    View and download our catalogs here

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