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Maria João Justo

Maria João Justo (82- JUSUTO) is an artist specializing in realistic painting, with works exhibited in various exhibitions and winner of several painting awards. She holds a degree in Art History, and through her studies, she decided to enhance her technical skills with several painting courses. She utilizes mixed media technique, combining different materials such as oil, acrylic, and pencil in her compositions.


Her works can be seen at

She is a member of the International Guild of Realism.

23-Fall Salon Guild of Realism (USA)

23-Verney Gallery (PT)

22-Fall Salon Guild of Realism (USA)

22-Global Velazquez Painting and Sculpture Award (Shanghai/Barcelona)

22-Winner FOZARTE 2022 - 1st Painting Prize

22-Artis 2022-Seia PT

21-VI Edition Painting and Sculpture Salvaterra Magos (Collective) PT

21-Winner FOZARTE 2021 - 1st Painting Prize (Collective) PT

21-Small Format Biennial Moita (Collective) PT

20-Vacant Museum (Online Collective Exhibition) USA

20-Exodus - Aeon Gallery (Collective) USA

19-Animalis (Individual) Municipal Gallery of Lourinhã PT

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