Premium Grade

Say hello to the Pochade Box.

The new Pochade Box is the perfect companion for your smaller sized painting and drawings. Both indoors and outdoors.
Able to carry a lot of material including smaller sized brushes the light weighted Pochade Box is scepcifficaly designed to be used with Oil colors but it may be used with other materials.

The power is in your hands now.

The power of O´Bars!

The o'bars are a mix of your favorite oil paints and wax, specially prepared to give you unlimited power. The o'bars can be used directly to draw, and you can even mix them while drawing too. Add a little Medium at any moment of the process and you are ready to paint! Like Impastos? Well, forget the Medium then, just work your paint around with a brush, or palette knife, o'bars, your fingers or... be creative! 

The power is in your hands now.





Colors & Products

2020 was a year of change. The world changed and so did we. During this year DARTECOR introduced two new lines of products and a new Brand image.  

First, the O´BAR Line, a mix of Oil paint and Wax in different sized bar sticks followed by the new Logo and the introduction of the Easel Boxes.

2021 will see some more products added to the new lines while our colors remain Premium Grade Handmade Colors. 

That is our commitment with Artists.


About our Oil colors

We understand that Premium Oil paint must be extremely durable, with archival quality color retention. Our very high pigment content offers a vibrant intensity of color, with natural creaminess and shine, for the best workability and lightfastness.


Made by Artists for Artists

In the backstage with DARTECOR are some amazing Artists, testing, developing and creating new products.
This way we can meet Artists true needs, 
while creating better and unique products.



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"My passion for art and the transformation of materials was the catalyst which inspired me to start developing and producing handmade oil paints based on the techniques, historical recipes and materials of old masters.


My continued scholarship on the evolution of artistic painting mediums, coupled with my work in the field of restoration gave me first-hand experience with the lack of professional oil paints available to artists today.


Thus, DARTECOR was born."