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Sílvia Marieta

         Sílvia Marieta was born in Lisbon, in 1982. Drawing has been present in her life since childhood. As a teenager, she started oil painting on canvas on her own initiative, as a self-taught person. She graduated in Fine Arts, in the Painting course in 2007, the year in which she also started exhibiting. She also obtained other degrees in scientific illustration, drawing and academic portrait painting, among others. Her painting focuses on the representation of the human, of the figure, which is intended more than the representation of an external image, to send it beyond this, as if it were a wrapper for the human being, with a unique and distinct appearance that carries a vastness within itself (id, ego, superego). Through certain technical effects, composition, repetition or cancellation of elements, an attempt is made to “bring it to reality” by crystallizing images, something that is not immediately visible through our senses and make it “palpable”, matter.

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