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Thank you for choosing Dartecor!
Got An Additional
20% Discount

Dear Customer,

We appreciate your preference and are delighted that you took advantage of our promotion. We want to reciprocate the trust, so we've included in your order a Gift Card that offers you an additional 20% discount on any purchase until the end of the month.


You Can Also
Share With a Friend

Dartecor values friendship, and there's nothing like sharing the things we love with a friend. If you'd like to share this discount, use the "Share with friend" button below. They can also enjoy this special offer!

How to Use Your Gift Card:

  1. Choose the desired option in the buttons below.

  2. Follow the instructions provided and enjoy our discount on all products.

  3. Don't forget it ends at the end of the month.



Thank you for being part of our community. We look forward to serving you again soon!

Best regards, Dartecor

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