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Submission Of Abassadors

At Dartecor, we believe that true excellence goes beyond the quality of our products. We value genuine connections with the community and sharing our passion for the world of art. That's why we've introduced the Ambassador Program, an exclusive opportunity for painting enthusiasts using Dartecor materials to become ambassadors for our brand.

Ambassador Benefits

  1. Exclusive Access: As an ambassador, you'll have privileged access to new product releases, special events, and insider information from Dartecor. You'll be among the first to experience the latest innovations and test them.

  2. Showcase on Our Platforms: We'll prioritize sharing your work on our social media platforms as an official ambassador. Share your creations, tips, and inspiring projects, contributing to our online community. You'll have a dedicated page on our website featuring your bio, works, and social links.

  3. Special Discounts: Enjoy exclusive discounts on products.

  4. Customized Products: Depending on your audience connection, we may create custom kits and products for you to sell to your fans.

  5. Earn with Purchases: A discount coupon will be created for you to promote within your networks and marketing strategy (posts, bios, emails, even offline). You'll earn credits that can be exchanged for Dartecor products.

Ambassador Responsibilities

  1. Exemplary Representation: As an ambassador, it's crucial to represent Dartecor positively and professionally. Your conduct directly reflects on the brand's reputation. While we don't restrict the use of other brands, highlighting and prioritizing Dartecor in your communication is encouraged.

  2. Active Sharing: Regularly share experiences, tutorials, tips, and projects related to Dartecor products. Your sharing will inspire other painting enthusiasts.

  3. Constructive Feedback: Provide valuable feedback on Dartecor products and services. Your opinion is essential for continuous improvement in quality and customer satisfaction.

  4. Prior Use: Before becoming an ambassador, it's essential to have prior experience with the brand and our products. You should genuinely enjoy using them! If you haven't used our products before but would like to test them, we can offer a discount for your first experience to evaluate if you'd like to represent us and if our products fit into your creative process.


By becoming a Dartecor ambassador, you're joining a community dedicated to creativity and innovation in the world of arts. Together, we'll color the world and inspire others to do the same.
To apply for the Ambassador Program, please fill out the following form:

Thank you for submitting!

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