4022 O'bar Mars Black

3.80 EUR

With a very creamy texture the O'bar Dartecor can be used directly on the support, allowing an easy mixing of colors and the creation of very expressive textures. Simply remove the oxidized film that wraps around the bar before each use.
It can be crushed with a spatula and processed in traditional oil color with only a small addition of solvent.
Perfectly compatible with traditional oil paint.
A very versatile material, it can be quite advantageous for Expressionists and in Plein Air painting.

Name: Mars Black

IC: PBk11 (77499)

Chemical composition: Sintetic iron oxide

Binder: Linseed Oil and wax

Opacity: Opaque

Lightfastness: **** Excelent

Toxic: No

Dry fast: Medium

Tinting Strength: High