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At DARTECOR we have a virtual space of excellence associated with the learning and development of Visual Arts, in particular and specifically, drawing and painting.

The purpose of these classes is to teach and instruct a real practical basis of drawing and painting that provides the necessary tools for the student and artist to explore their own techniques, themes and influences.
Classes taught in English or Portuguese.

The artistic path and language is 100% free in the context of the classes, but the teaching base is structured and academic.



In DARTECOR courses we teach by doing. To teach Drawing and Painting, it is necessary to teach the student to see, to repair and to know how to think about the important details, planning and appropriate materials for the realization and execution of a work.


In these classes we will cover all the important issues for drawing and painting, from the material and its characteristics, preparations, composition, perspective, anatomy, proportions, values, and exposure. Our students learn to plan all phases of a project. The Drawing and Painting course is a complete course that promises to develop students' skills and offer a solid foundation for them to explore and explore the world of visual arts.


A demanding course of hours, dedication and concentration that aims to instill structured work habits and develop vision. We direct learning towards a naturalistic and realistic approach to drawing and painting, as we believe that it is necessary to learn to master all aspects of the materials and theories we work with, before we can dictate our own rules.


During classes, students will have the opportunity to execute works, from conceptualization and choice of materials to their exhibition.

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In the DARTECOR training we approach painting as a whole and we will focus and dedicate our programmatic contents to a complete education that includes the analysis, understanding and methods of using all materials related to oil painting. From surfaces, preparations, paints, mediums and varnishes, integrating this learning into practical exercises that allow the artist to make paintings in the process.


Classes are taught with flexibility and adaptation to the objectives and individual path of each student and Artist, while addressing and integrating the information defined in the lectured contents. Classes in English or Portuguese.


The technical information is completed with academic information on color theory, temperatures, chromatic analyzes, mixing colors in a palette, grouping colors by elements and their application.


-Theory of colors and construction of a palette.



A complete course that can, in the case of beginners, include drawing techniques, scratchers and their variants, composition, ways of seeing to draw, perspective, anatomical notions and methods of transferring the reference to the surface.


-Introduction to drawing. (beginners)

-Design and transfer of referents. (Intermediate)


We will approach painting in a comprehensive and complete way, create works with different techniques and experiment with different styles, in a personal exploration that will allow the Artist to develop his language based on classical theoretical and academic bases that will allow him to sustain his work on a strong and consistent foundation. .


-Introduction to oil painting. (beginners)

-Historical introduction of materials and their application in oil painting. (Intermediate)

-Surfaces and preparations.

-Application of paint and painting techniques.



The sharing of registration techniques, transfer of referents to the surface, analysis of colors, composition and framing will be addressed from the photographic reference, reference to live in studio and reference to live abroad, to allow the Artist to acquire a broader set techniques and consequently greater versatility in solving problems of your future personal projects.
The student will explore different languages and explore both classical and expressive work technics.

-Analises of master works.
-Practice of  different painting languages and methods.



In training with DARTECOR, the Artist will receive technical and practical knowledge on themes external to the work but in everything related to painting, such as the configuration of a studio, types of palettes, easels, placement of lights and construction of light boxes for painting. still lifes. Maintenance of brushes and other studio materials. Storage, preservation and good oil painting storage practices are also part of the syllabus.


-Varnishing, maintenance and storage of works

-Configuration of the studio and painting materials. (Intermediate)


With the acquired experience, DARTECOR has developed a set of indications and parameters on how an artist can promote, create a collection of his work, define a path for his work and personal communication. A guide of good practices that brings together a series of actions that have led several Artists to success.


-Guide and analysis of good promotion, communication and sales practices.

"I could not have achieved this much if it wasn´t for your support and guidance. you have really helped me get on track and shaped my professional life, leaving a footprint on this journey.
Thank you for the support, encouragment and pacience..."

Ivo Lobo | @ivolobo12


Becken Filipe

Edward Hopper wrote “Painting is a recording os emotion”. He also said that “if it was possible to put it in words, there would be no reason to paint at all”. Becken Filipe is in that range.

He took my attention for his ability to capture souls within the bodily rhythms he paints. (…)”

Helena Mendes Pereira – Chief Curator at ZetGallery, Braga
in RUA Magazine


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